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Term Papers and Theses

In the bachelor and master programs there is the possibility to absolve a term paper at the Chair of Business Administration and Business Taxation. These are regularly offered in the second half of the cycle of the two-semester modules BW06 and BW16 (creditable as BQ06/BQ07 and BQV03/BQV04 respectively) as well as MW06/MW49 (creditable as MQ04/MQ05/MQ06 and MQV01 respectively).

Information sheets on the project work will be published in due time before the start under Study/Teaching (under the respective module). These contain all information on topics, deadlines and registration modalities. When preparing the project work, the above-mentioned fact sheets on scientific work must be observed.

Transmission of the grades

The grades of the term papers are communicated to the examination board approximately two weeks after the presentation (colloquium). The final transmission of the grades to the student and examination administration for the purpose of entry in the student portal only takes place upon application by the candidate to the examination board. For this purpose, please send a completed application for transmission by e-mail to  , taking into account the above-mentioned period.

Theses (Bachelor's as well as Master's) at the Chair of Business Administration and Business Taxation, can be started at any time during the semester. However, please note the relevant requirements of the examination office/examination regulations with regard to the prerequisites for writing the final thesis. As a basis for a final thesis at our chair, we strongly recommend that you attend the modules of our chair (for Bachelor candidates at least BW06: Business Taxation, better: also BW16: Business Taxation II). It is also strongly recommended to complete a term paper at our chair beforehand. In order to get to know the conventions of academic work in business taxation as well as the requirements of the chair, it is possible to write a voluntary term paper in the usual rotation on a trial basis if no academic work has been completed at the chair so far.

For a first appointment to find a topic, please contact Prof. Förster. Proposals for topics by the candidates are welcome, but not mandatory. For supervision of the thesis after the topic agreement, please contact one of the chair's research assistants.

In order to ensure a uniform procedure, you are required to fill out a docket during the processing time, which contains

- Confirmation that a first outline discussion has been conducted (Prof. Förster)
- Confirmation of the registration of the final thesis (secretariat)
- Confirmation of the supervision of the final thesis (supervisor)
- The confirmation of the execution of the "half-time interview" (Prof. Förster)

Please note that in case of doubt you have to prove the registration of the thesis to the chair secretary. Confirmation of supervision will only be given if you have contacted a research assistant and have had at least one outline discussion with him or her no later than 4 weeks after the start of the processing period. After signing at the "half-time interview" the - then completely filled out - docket is retained by Prof. Förster.

The procedure is binding for all candidates who register their thesis after 01.01.2018. Possible further regulations - especially those relating to examination law - remain unaffected!

The docket is available for Download, currently only available in German. Due to the current situation (Coronavirus) we ask for an electronic transmission of the docket as a scan by e-mail to the until further notice. 

For the writing of the final thesis the requirements of the examination office/examination regulations apply. With regard to formalities, the requirements set out above in the section "Notes on the preparation of scientific papers" for scientific work are binding.

Students can borrow books from the chair's handset during the opening hours of the secretary's office. For this purpose, an e-mail must be sent to the  one working day in advance, stating the title, the authors and the signature of the book to be borrowed. As a deposit, an identity card must be handed in at the chair, which will be returned after the book(s) have been returned.

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